Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase a security system?
Call to order. We provide free quotes. 920-769-0066

What makes Guardian Systems security systems different from traditional security systems?

  1. Guardian Systems security systems are not phone-line dependent. The security system will work whether you have Vonage, satellite phone, cell phone, land line, or no phone line at all. Guardian Systems security systems send all alarms and other signals through cellular towers. The messages then weave through our secure server. As soon as your Guardian Systems system is powered up, it starts communicating with all of the local wireless towers in your area, similar to how your cell phone works.
  2. Since Guardian Systems security systems send signals wirelessly, your system is more secure than systems that use phone lines and hardwired sensors to report alarms. Even if an intruder cuts the phone line and power, the Guardian Systems security system can still report alarms. Many people with traditional security don't realize how vulnerable the system is to line cuts.
  3. Guardian Systems firmly believes that a loud siren or horn may not stop a thief. We have integrated what we believe is the most unique and best technology into our security systems.

Can I install your systems myself?
Yes, because there is minimal wiring. Installation requires simply placing the security system and wireless devices with screws in the locations of your choice. The only wiring to do is for power, the LED indicator, and the horn/siren (if ordered). Sensors are pre-programmed for your system.

Is there a setup fee?
No. Our systems are designed to be easily installed by you.

How do I know exactly what I need?
Analyze your situation and consider these questions to determine which sensors should be installed on your unit. In some situations, it is better to have an infrared sensor than multiple intrusion sensors. We provide security appraisals and are happy to discuss your situation with you.

  • Which locations do you want to monitor?
  • What are your most prevalent security threats?
  • Should you monitor for smoke and temperature?
  • What will make you feel confident about the security of your property?

How long will it take to receive my unit?
1–2 weeks. Most units are made to order. Customers typically request us to configure a security system to meet their specific needs.

Where can I install the security system?
You can install our security systems virtually anywhere; home, jobsite, storage unit, RV, or yacht Our system will work, guaranteed.

How do I enter contact phone numbers, emails, and text message recipients?

  1. Log in to your secure account. Log In
  2. Enter the username and password found in the letter that was sent with your unit, or contact us.
  3. Go to Preferences.
  4. Enter your contact information. Numbers are called in the order entered.
  5. Check the check box of the numbers you wish to use.
  6. Click Update.

What is the monthly service fee?
$9.95 – $39.95
See product description for details.

Monthly service fees must be charged to a credit card using automated payments. Receipts are sent through U.S. mail. We offer several payment arrangements. Contact us for details.

How many sensors can I have?
14 sensors per unit. Some exceptions apply.
2 key fobs per unit.
Guardian System™ and Tool Guardian™ can have up to 10 switch type sensors of the same type (for example, all magnetic door/window contact sensors).

How long do the batteries last in the sensors?
We recommend that you check the batteries every six months and replace as needed to prevent sensor failure. Guardian System™ and Tool Guardian™ have internal, rechargable back-up battery in the main unit, but not in the sensors.
Contact us for replacement batteries.

Is a power source required?
Yes, most operate on 12 volts. You can connect our systems the battery on your RV or Yacht, or purchase a battery pack or wall adapter.
The Guardian System™ and Tool Guardian™ require 110V A/C supply.

Is a land line required to complete calls?
No, our systems use cellular and satellite communication. Alarm systems cannot call 911, since there is no live person on the line. If you receive an alarm you can take proper action.

Will your systems call satellite phones?

How far do the sensor signals reach?
100–200 feet indoor
300–500 feet outdoor
Distance can be increased by 600 feet (nominal) with a repeater. Construction zones and large properties can benefit from such increased coverage area.

If I decide to buy now can I add sensors or a horn/siren later?
Yes. Installation instructions are included with the new sensor or siren.
For units purchased before November 2008, contact us for availability.

What is the current draw of your security system?
Cellular systems: 150 milliamps resting and maximum 1.25 amps during transmission.
Satellite units: 175–200 milliamps resting and approximately 1 amp during transmission.
The Guardian System consumes power only while charging, at about 500 milliamps maximum for 2–3 hours. The number of charge cycles during a normal day will vary depending on the options purchased.

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