Contractor Guardian

  • Interactive touch-screen LCD
  • Built-in loss of power and siren
  • 2 door/window wireless sensors
  • 1 pet-immune motion PIR sensor
  • Add up to 48 additional sensors
  • No contract - start/stop any time
Guardian Systems Alarm Control Panel

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Contractor Guardian® Site Security System

Construction sites are becoming an easy target for thieves. Expensive tools and construction materials for your project can be hard to secure. The down time while waiting to replace valuable tools or construction materials can be costly.  Avoid downtime and the expense of replacing tools and materials with a Contractor Guardian system. The user friendly wireless installation takes less than 30 minutes. You will then be ready to monitor and protect your Construction site. The standard Contractor Guardian package includes two door/window sensors, a motion sensor, a built in siren and loss of power sensor.

How It Works

Upon installation of the Contractor Guardian,  you will immediately be able to monitor your construction site. Your online account stores all your construction site monitoring data. Thru your online account you can input up to 31 users. You can add phone numbers for text and voice message notifications. You may also add up to 31 email addresses for email messaging. These may be changed these as needed. Add as many or as few as you wish. Upon the triggering of an alarm, you will receive a message in just a couple seconds. For example, if someone opens a door, you will receive the message- “This is your Guardian system.  You have received an intrusion alarm. Enter your code to disarm the system”. Each user receives a unique code which allows you to know who is gaining access, and when.

Secure Online Account At Your Service

Contractor Guardian uses cellular technology and therefore access to your Contractor Guardian System is at your fingertips, anywhere anytime. There are two ways to access your system. Firstly, online from your computer and  secondly with our Guardian System App.

All Contractor Guardian systems work within our server. Each Contractor Guardian Systems owner has a secure online account accessible from your computer or the App. A history of events is logged for viewing. Contractor Guardian owners can change contacts, security codes or arm and disarm the system remotely, from virtually anywhere.

As your needs change, your Contractor Guardian system can be updated and upgraded. The Contractor Guardian can move from site to site as you complete projects. The simple removal and installation of the wireless sensors makes the transfer easy.

No Contracts Ever!

Your Contractor Guardian is contract free. Use the system when you need it. Turn it off when you don't need it. Billing of your Contractor Guardian is on a month to month basis. Simply contact us to disable your system or when you are ready to resume service.


What if two or three sensors isn't enough? Contractor Guardian can monitor up to 41 wireless sensors. You can add additional sensors with your order or after installation. Many different types of sensors are available. For example, you can monitor for smoke, heat, flooding, motion or CO2. We even have an image sensor that takes a picture when it is triggered. It will then send that picture to your cell phone. New sensors are being developed often. Check back frequently for the latest additions. For more information, speak with a customer service specialist who can assist you in designing a system to suit your construction site today.

Sensors (optional add-ons)

  • CO2
  • Door Window
  • Flood/Freeze/Heat
  • Glass Break
  • Image
  • Infrared HD Video
  • Motion PIR
  • Outdoor Motion PIR
  • Panic Bracelet or Pendent
  • Remote Siren/Strobe
  • Smoke/Freeze/Heat

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